Viagra over the counter

Over The Counter Viagra –Facts Every ED Medication User Should Be Familiar With

As it is already known, Viagra works by changing several normal body functions. For example, it alters the amount of blood circulating in and out of the erectile muscles. It also inhibits certain enzymes in the user’s body. For such medications, measure have been input, ones that ensure that patients will need to first produce a prescription to access them. However, you will still encounter many pharmacies offering to sell you over the counter Viagra.

Is over the counter Viagra legal

Many attempts have unsuccessfully tried to make over the counter Viagra legal. For example, there were test conducted in UK around the year 2009. The tests were aimed at ensuring that users could access Viagra over the counter. At the end of the trial period, it became clear that Viagra usage and purchase needed to remain under medical regulations. This meant that patients still needed to go on and get a prescription from a qualified doctor.

Can you buy Viagra over the counter in the US?

The option to buy OTC Viagra in the US has been awaited for years now. It has also been targeted by pharmacies distributing fake Viagra pills. What such pharmacies do is confuse a user that they are based inside the borders of the United States. When unsuspecting users land on this option, they see it as a perfect chance to access genuine over the counter Viagra. To settle the matter, no official announcement has been produced as to the legalization of OTC Viagra in the US.

Why are there too many over the counter Viagra pharmacies then?

– You will find a lot of information and pharmacies offering you best over the counter option. Well, at the end of the day, it will still come back to the fact that it will be required of you to have a prescription before being completely free to buy online Viagra.

– Such pharmacies will give you the option of consulting an online doctor when you attempt to buy from their sites.